Sustainability is in the heart of our strategy. We encourage our customers to use electronic invoices. Elenia Aina -service is the easiest way to manage your electricity matters.

We renewed the invoice!

Now it's easier than ever to read your invoice.

Use the convenient e-invoice

If you use online banking credentials, we recommend e-invoices. E-invoice is an easy and secure way to pay your invoices. Make an e-invoice agreement with your bank.
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Kivra – a new electronic invoicing service

Kivra is an invoicing service that pays and archives your invoices electronically. Use Kivra to get Elenia’s invoices sent automatically to your digital mailbox. You can pay your invoices conveniently on your mobile phone or computer free of charge anywhere in the world.
More information about Kivra
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If you don’t use online banking, we recommend direct payments

To use online invoicing for businesses, you must make an agreement with an online service provider or bank. Please contact to let us know your company’s online invoicing details and arrange the first online invoice to be sent by email.
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Store your invoices or change a due date

Your invoices are archived in the service in a clear date order. Seeing the invoices’ payment status and approaching due dates makes it easy to view individual invoices and plan payments. You can change the due date of an undue invoice conveniently in the service.
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