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You will receive two invoices for electricity

  • Elenia will invoice for the electricity network service as well as the electricity tax.
  • Your electricity supplier will invoice you for the electricity energy.
  • The invoice is based on actual hourly consumption.
  • The invoice will show the electricity you have consumed in kWh.
  • If the consumption information is delayed, it will be estimated. Once we receive the information, we will amend the invoice either to give a refund or charge an additional charge.
  • You can track your electricity consumption in the Elenia Aina service.

6 or 12 invoices from Elenia

  • The invoicing frequency depends on the amount of electricity you consume.
  • If you use more than 5,000 kWh annually, you will be invoiced on a monthly basis.
  • If your consumption is below 5,000 kWh,  you will be invoiced bimonthly: in March for the electricity consumed in January/February; in May for March/April; in July for May/June; in September for July/August; in November for September/October; and in January for November/December.
  • Check your invoice for an estimate on your annual consumption.
  • If you use estimated invoicing, you will receive an invoice each month.

Payment methods

Select the payment method that best fits you or your company: e-invoice, direct payment, email invoice, printed invoice, Kivra or an online invoice for businesses.

Nainen makaa riippumatossa ja lukee kirjaa.

Use the convenient e-invoice

If you use online banking credentials, we recommend e-invoices. E-invoice is an easy and secure way to pay your invoices. Make an e-invoice agreement with your bank.
More information about e-invoices
Nuori mies istuu sohvalla ja katsoo kännykkää.

Kivra – a new electronic invoicing service

Kivra is an invoicing service that pays and archives your invoices electronically. Use Kivra to get Elenia’s invoices sent automatically to your digital mailbox. You can pay your invoices conveniently on your mobile phone or computer free of charge anywhere in the world.
More information about Kivra
Harmaatukkainen nainen kahvikuppi kädessä.

If you don’t use online banking, we recommend direct payments

If you don’t have access to online banking, direct payment is a good option. You will receive a payment notification by post before the due date, and your bank will pay the correct amount from your account on the due date. Make a direct payment agreement with your bank.
Asiakasneuvojat keskustelevat toimistossa

Online invoice for businesses

To use online invoicing for businesses, you must make an agreement with an online service provider or bank. Please contact to let us know your company’s online invoicing details and arrange the first online invoice to be sent by email.

Change of due date

  • You can change the due date of your invoice by contacting our customer service.
  • If you use e-invoicing, remember to change the due date also in your online bank.
  • You cannot change the payment date of a direct payment.
  • We will charge a late payment fee for invoices paid after the due date.
  • You can change the due date of your invoice interest-free up to 30 days from the original due date.

Did you receive a credit note?

  • If the amount of your credit note is below EUR 50, we will pay it on your next invoice.
  • If the amount is bigger, we will transfer it to your bank account.
  • You can notify us of your credit account using the electronic form.

Did you receive a letter from Ropo Capital?

Our partner Ropo Capital will send an overdue invoice reminder after the original due date and handle the matter from then on. If you have any questions regarding the reminder, please contact Ropo Capital directly. Any payment arrangements following an overdue invoice reminder must be agreed directly with Ropo Capital. You can find the contact details on Ropo Capital’s overdue payment reminder.
For further information on invoicing, please see the FAQ section.

Please view our meter-reading instructions