Bonds and Private Placements

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Elenia Verkko Oyj has bonds outstanding under the multicurrency bond programme and has also issued US Private Placements to institutional investors.

Bond serie 2 150,000,000Fixed 4.102%2013-2030
Bond serie 3120,000,000 Fixed 3.038%2014-2026XS1081230523
Bond serie 420,000,000Fixed 3.077%2014-2026XS1086080642
Bond serie 525,000,000Floating 6 mth
Euribor + 145 bp
Bond serie 613,000,000Fixed 3.103%2014-2034XS1105440496
Bond serie 750,000,000Fixed 2.641%2016-2031XS1352122375
Bond serie 827,000,000Fixed 2.259%2016-2029 XS1402336173
Bond serie 930,000,000 Fixed 2.170%2016-2034XS1476763443
Bond serie1075,000,000Fixed 2.602% 2017-2034XS1678466969
Bond serie 11161,000,000Fixed 2.735%2018-2035XS1837142444
Bond serie 12500,000,000Fixed 0.375%2020-2027XS2113885011
PP serie 1120,000,000Fixed 3.601%2014-2034
PP serie 235,000,000 Fixed 3.141%2014-2034
PP serie 375,000,000Fixed 2.684%2015-2030
PP serie 425,000,000Fixed 2.243%2016-2031
PP serie 529,000,000Fixed 2.22% 2016-2029
PP serie 629,000,000Fixed 2.38%2016-2031
PP serie 742,000,000Fixed 2.50%2016-2033
PP serie 825,000,000Fixed 2.515% 2016-2031
PP serie 925,000,000Fixed 2.43%2017-2032
PP serie 1017,000,000Fixed 2.03%2017-2028
PP serie 1116,500,000Fixed 2.03%2017-2028
PP serie 1220,000,000 Fixed 2.03%2017-2028
PP serie 1310,000,000Fixed 2.43%2017-2032
PP serie 145,000,000Fixed 2.03%2017-2028
PP serie 15 25,000,000Fixed 2.03%2017-2032
PP serie 16 20,000,000Fixed 2.43%2017-2028