Elenia and sustainability 2019 -report has been published

Responsibility is the foundation of Elenia’s operations. In 2019, we revised our strategy in which sustainability has a significant role. We also established for the first time our sustainability programme in connection with strategy process. Sustainability has long been part of our operations. The new programme provides an even clearer framework for our activities.

The second sustainability report concerning the network and service operations of Elenia, describes the results and objectives of our development work.

“Our mission is to be the most responsible reformer of energy services and markets. This role requires us diverse competence and genuine proactiveness”, says Elenia´s CEO Tapani Liuhala.

Climate change influences Elenia´s operations and the modernisation of services. Renewable energy sources, in particular, are increasingly important in combating climate change. The increasing production of wind and solar power, which varies depending on weather conditions, affects the balance of the whole electricity system and calls for new solutions, which we will continue to develop and test.

“We see the current transition in the energy sector as an opportunity. It boosts the demand for smart solutions. One of the new solutions in this decade is demand-side flexibility, which will give also households an increasingly active role in the electricity market” says Liuhala.

Day-to-day life in homes, businesses and the society require a smart and functional electricity network. Elenia has shown the way in Finland and globally.

“We have been introducing smart grid innovations for two decades. At the same time, we are renewing our network to become a weatherproof part of climate solutions in energy consumption”, tells Liuhala.

Elenia ranked number one distribution system operator in the international GRESB Infrastructure Assessment focusing on sustainability
Among all infrastructure companies Elenia was third in Europe and fifth globally

Elenia was selected as the most responsible electricity distribution system operator in the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment that focuses on sustainability. Seven electricity distribution system operators from around the world took part in the assessment this year. Globally, 393 infrastructure companies from different sectors took part in the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment. In the global overall results, Elenia ranked fifth. A total of 236 European companies took part in the assessment and, in this group, Elenia ranked third.

The GRESB assessment measures and benchmarks the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance.

“Our sustainability performance in this international assessment was excellent. The GRESB assessment brings an international dimension to our development work, providing us with information on the global development of the field of infrastructure,” says Elenia’s CEO Tapani Liuhala.

Elenia and sustainability 2019