Elenia increases distribution tariffs on average by 5.8 % in May 

Elenia increases distribution tariffs in May 2023. The tariff increase driven by the long period of strong cost pressure, will take effect after the heating season on 1 May 2023. The tariffs were previously increased more than three years ago in 2019.

In addition to the network service charge, Elenia collects electricity tax for the state, consisting of excise duty on electricity and a strategic stockpile fee, plus 24% VAT on all of these.

“We are postponing the tariff increase to right before the summer so that the tariff change does not take place when the electricity prices are high,” says Tapani Liuhala, CEO of Elenia.

The costs related to electricity network services have been steadily increasing. Among other things, construction, materials and fuels have become more expensive. The high price of electricity has multiplied the cost of network losses. Therefore, Elenia increases distribution tariffs on average by 5.8%.

“With our electricity network services and electricity distribution, we contribute to Finland’s security of supply while promoting a fossil fuel-free society. In order to achieve Finland's carbon neutrality targets, we ensure access for the growing wind and solar power to the electricity market,” says Liuhala.

One fifth of Finland's wind power production is located in Elenia’s network area. More large-scale wind power generation capacity is constantly being constructed in Elenia’s electricity network area.

“As part of Europe, Finland needs to boost the production of clean energy,” Liuhala continues.

Elenia has 435,000 customers and 76,000 kilometres of electricity network in Kanta-Häme, Päijät-Häme, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, South Ostrobothnia and North Ostrobothnia.

Examples of the impact of the new tariffs
Tax inclusive prices of electricity network services will increase on average by 5.8%. The impact on tax exclusive prices is approximately 8%.

Type of housingAnnual consumption (kWh)Increase (EUR/month)
Apartment building2,000EUR 1.56/month
Detached or terraced houses5,000 EUR 3.28/month
Detached house, electric heating18,000EUR 6.67/month
Examples of impact of the new tariffs