Elenia invests over 160 million into the security of supply of electricity distribution this year

Elenia’s investment programme to improve the security of supply of electricity distribution is progressing as planned. This year, Elenia invests over EUR 160 million into electricity networks. Underground cabling projects will be carried out in all of our areas of operation: Kanta-Häme and Päijät-Häme, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland and Southern and Northern Ostrobothnia.

The investment programme improves the security of supply of electricity distribution as Elenia will renew and weatherproof approximately 3,500 kilometres of the ageing electricity network this year. This means that the new weatherproof network will cover over 20,000 customers this year. Hundreds of professionals in all provinces of the company’s network area are employed in the network construction projects.

Elenia’s 430,000 customers are served by 74,000 kilometres of electricity network, approximately half of which is currently weatherproof. The electricity network’s underground cabling rate will increase to 75% by 2028 which means that the annual average interruption duration of Elenia’s customers will be less than 30 minutes. The underground cabling rate was 20% when Elenia started to renew the ageing electricity network in 2009.