Elenia’s electricity network is now 60% weatherproof – more than EUR 1 billion in network investments over the past decade

Elenia’s 76,000-kilometre electricity network is now 60% weatherproof. Our investments in the weatherproof electricity network exceed EUR 1 billion. This has required more than 10,000 person-years of work.

The green energy transition will renew society and the energy sector in the fight against climate change. The energy system needs smart grid technology to be effective. The growth of wind and solar power must be coupled with efficient technology solutions. There is a market need for new solutions to ensure demand flexibility, which helps in balancing electricity production and consumption.

Elenia’s electricity network development meets the needs of the energy system of the future – the network is reliable, safe and environmentally friendly. By constructing a smart and weatherproof electricity network, we ensure for our customers effortless everyday life and security of supply.

Storms, thunder and snow load continue to cause power outages. In the event of electricity distribution disruptions, we rely on a contingency plan and the strategies defined in our Major Disruptions Playbook. We are ready to react to power outages 24 hours a day. In terms of major power disruptions, we act proactively and efficiently while keeping the safety aspects in mind. 

Finland has strong objectives with regard to increasing the use of renewable energy. The use of electricity will increase as fossil energy sources are abandoned. Electric cars are becoming more common, as are solar power plants in homes and properties, and new kinds of energy communities are established.

Elenia’s currently ongoing developments on electricity metering lay a solid foundation for the energy services of the future. Our development work enables in the future demand side flexibility and virtual power plants.

Our service developments

2004–2008 Smart meters installed for all our customers as the first in Finland. A national decree on electricity metering enters into force in 2009.

2007 Outage web map service as the first in Finland. A shared national web map service for distribution system operators launched in 2015.

2008 SMS outage service as the first in Finland. A corresponding service introduced later to further sectors.

2009 Decision to start constructing a weatherproof electricity network. An act on security of supply enters into force in 2013. Elenia continues to be the only distribution system operator in Finland offering compensation for outages lasting over 6 hours.

2010 Hourly electricity consumption monitoring as the first in Europe.

2013 Elenia Weatherproof map service as the first in Finland. A free-of-charge web service to monitor electricity consumption and for electricity network services.

2017 Test pilot to create a market place for demand flexibility.

2018–2025 Next-generation smart metering solutions and installations for all our customers. Developing the digital maintenance management of the electricity network. Battery packs used as a reserve capacity during power outages.

Undergound cabling