What to do in case of an outage

Tree on top of a power line

Are you lacking electricity?


View the outage map

Check if the outage in your area shows on the map.

If it does, we are already aware of it. Please wait for the power to be restored.

Outage map is available in Finnish.

Outage map

Check the fuses

If the outage does not show on the map, check if the outage has occurred locally on the property.

What to do
Block of flats
Terraced or detached house


Report the problem

If the outage does not show on the map and the fuses are in order, the fault may have occurred in the low-voltage distribution network. We are often told about these issues by our customers.

0800 100 100

Outage repair order

Grafiikkakuva viankorjauksen etenemisestä

The power is cut

A fault occurs in the electricity network and automation cuts the power in the area. The most common reasons are trees falling on power lines or the electricity network getting damaged during excavation work. A fault in the medium-voltage network automatically shows on our outage map. Customers who have signed up for the disruption notification service are notified of the outage by SMS or email.

Grafiikkakuva viankorjauksen etenemisestä

Elenia’s control centre is notified of the outage

Less than 5 min from the start of the outage
The control centre starts to narrow down the fault using remote control equipment.

Grafiikkakuva viankorjauksen etenemisestä

Power is restored using backup connections

5–10 min from the start of the outage
Within approximately 5 minutes, power is restored for 80% of the area’s residents using backup connections.

Grafiikkakuva viankorjauksen etenemisestä

The control centre notifies the fault repair team

15 min from the start of the outage
Restoration of power for the rest of the area requires the team. The fault repair team of Elenia’s partners is called to fix the problem and restore power for the customers.

Grafiikkakuva viankorjauksen etenemisestä

The team moves to the site where the fault occurred

30 min to 1 h from the start of the outage
The trip to the site may be long, or the site may be located in the middle of the woods, far away from a road.

Grafiikkakuva viankorjauksen etenemisestä

First, power is restored using terrain connections

1 h from the start of the outage
Power is restored for 50% of the customers in the area who are still without power at this stage using the terrain connections made by the teams.

Grafiikkakuva viankorjauksen etenemisestä

The fault is repaired, and the rest of the customers will get power back

2–3 h from the start of the outage
To restore power for the rest of the customers, the fault must be repaired. Sometimes, repairing the fault can require special equipment or, for example, new electricity pylons. This may take several hours. Customers who have signed up for the SMS service receive an estimated repair time by SMS.

Grafiikkakuva viankorjauksen etenemisestä

We aim to restore power for all of our customers as soon as possible

All in all, restoring power takes on average 2–3 h
Customers who have signed up for the SMS service are notified of the end of the outage by SMS.

Our control centre monitors the electricity network and provides a 24/7 service

Please report the location of a fault or an imminent threat to our electricity network to our outage management service.