Working in the vicinity of the electricity network

A workman on a building site

A power outage may be caused by network maintenance work or damage caused by other work performed in the vicinity of the electricity network.

We will notify our customers in advance of any network maintenance work, and you can also view upcoming maintenance interruptions on our outage map.

In most cases, damage to the electricity network is caused by excavation work or underground cables severed during excavation. Transported high loads or work machinery may also hit the structures of the overhead line network. Accidents can also happen when felling trees, with a tree falling on a power line.

The most important thing is to avoid personal injuries. When an accident happens, it must be reported immediately to avoid putting persons or property at a risk.

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Overhead line network

We provide a service to safely cut down trees located near our overhead lines.

Tree-felling service
Asentaja tekee maakaapelointia maastossa

Underground cable network

Before starting excavation work, make sure that there are no electric cables on the route that may be damaged.

Excavation work and cable location information
Erikoiskuljetukset saattavat vaatia sähkönjakelun keskeytystä

Suspension of electricity distribution

It may be necessary to suspend the distribution of electricity, e.g. in the following situations

  • Oversized transport
  • Alteration work
Suspension of electricity distribution