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Electricity power lines
Hymyilevä nuori mies seisoo ja nojaa toimistossa pöytään

Electricity consumption monitoring

The Elenia Aina service enables you to easily manage your company’s electricity matters and monitor your electricity consumption whenever it suits you.
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Nainen ja mies seisoo liukuportaiden yläpäässä

Network service products and payments

Select the network service product best suited to your business. Our customer service representatives can help with selecting the right product.
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Nainen pyöräilee maaseudulla tuulipuiston ohi

Electricity production

Electricity production can be divided into professional electricity production and small-scale production. Read our instructions on connecting your electricity production system to our network.
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Kaivuri maastossa, jossa on vähän lunta maassa.

Cable location information

Before starting excavation work, it is important to make sure that there are no electric cables on the excavation route that may be damaged.
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Metsuri kaataa puuta

Tree-felling service

We can provide your company with assistance with felling trees in proximity to our overhead lines in situations where cutting down a tree may damage our electricity network.
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Erikoiskuljetukset saattavat vaatia sähkönjakelun keskeytystä

Suspension of electricity distribution

You can request a suspension of electricity distribution for occupational safety reasons, maintenance or renovation work or due to oversized transport.
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Kaivuri kaivaa kuoppaa pihapiirissä

Network alteration work

Network alteration work is performed to change the location or structure of the electricity network, for example, removing cables on a property to make way for a new building.
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