For home and the summer cottage

Wooden houses and snow

Nuori nainen ja mies istuvat lattialla muuttolaatikoiden vieress sylissään kannettava tietokone

Moving house?

If you are moving, please get in touch with an electricity supplier to sign an electricity contract for your new home.
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Isä ja tyttö istuvat sohvalla ja molemmilla on tabletit kädessään.

Electricity consumption monitoring

The Elenia Aina service enables you to manage your electricity matters whenever it suits you. You can even monitor your real-time electricity consumption.
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Lamps hanging

Network service products and payments

Select the network service product best suited to your home. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help with selecting the right product.
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Mies kantaa aurinkopaneelia ja tyttö kävelee vierellä.

Solar power and small-scale electricity production

You can use solar panels to generate electricity for your personal use in an ecologically sound way.
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Latauksessa oleva sähköauto

Electric cars

Thinking about getting a charging station for your home? View the service provider’s different options.
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Undergound cabling

Cable location information

Planning excavation work? Before you get started, make sure that there are no underground cables on the excavation route.
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Metsuri kaataa puuta

Tree-felling service

We provide free-of-charge help with felling trees in proximity to power cables.
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Äiti työntää lapsia pyykkikorissa

Energy saving tips

Our energy saving tips will help you reduce your home’s energy consumption without compromising your comfort of living.
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