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Consumer electronics can contribute considerably to your home’s electricity consumption.

Turn off the devices after use

The amount of consumer electronics is growing all the time, and devices are upgraded at a rapid rate. On its own, a new device consumes a minute amount of electricity. However, combined, the devices can make up 7% of your domestic electricity consumption – more than your refrigeration equipment. If all of us were to turn off an online device for 8 hours each day, we would save the equivalent of the annual consumption of 1,800 electrically heated detached houses.

Turn off your TV when you’re not watching it. It’s a little thing that will save your electricity bill and let you enjoy your free time with friends and family.

Devices consume electricity even on standby
Don’t leave your TV or other consumer electronics on standby. Turn the power off altogether. You’ll save electricity.

Tips for users of consumer electronics

  • Get devices that meet your user requirements and consume as little electricity as possible.
  • Turn the devices off when you are not using them. Utilise other energy-saving features.
  • Turn off your mobile device’s battery-draining location features and applications when you are not actively using them.
  • Use your computer’s fixed network connection (Ethernet) for transferring large quantities of data, such as watching videos.
  • Recycle your devices in the appropriate manner. A lot of valuable materials can be salvaged from them to be reused.

Laptops are convenient and save electricity

Does your household include both desktop and laptop computers? Which one do you prefer? A laptop is a better solution when it comes to saving energy because it consumes over 80% less electricity compared to a desktop computer. What’s more, you can take your laptop wherever you want to work, even if you’re lounging on your sofa or enjoying the summer on your decking.

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