Monitoring of electricity consumption

Manage your electricity matters in the Elenia Aina -service

Elenia Aina enables you to manage your electricity matters whenever it suits you best. You can monitor your electricity consumption and spot potential highs or lows. Monitoring your energy use enables you to make savings and reduce your greenhouse emissions.

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Monitor your electricity consumption and start using Consumption Tracker

You can monitor your electricity consumption on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis in EUR or kWh. You can view all of your access places connected to Elenia’s network, making it easy to monitor and compare them. Consumption Tracker enables you to set a consumption or fluctuation limit so that you will receive an alert if the limit is breached. You can order a monthly consumption report by email.
Energy saving tips
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Store your invoices or change a due date

Your invoices are archived in the service in a clear date order. Seeing the invoices’ payment status and approaching due dates makes it easy to view individual invoices and plan payments. You can change the due date of an undue invoice conveniently in the service.
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Information about power outages and enabling the message service

Receive information about outages and maintenance breaks. Easily submit a fault report electronically. When you subscribe to the free message service, you will receive an SMS and email message regarding outages and repair breaks as well as the estimate repair time. We will send a new notification once the outage is over.
Tietokoneen ruutu ja näppäimistö

We will keep you up to date on the construction of your electricity connection

Our goal is to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you to get an electricity connection. Once you have placed an order for an electricity connection, you can view the progress of the construction process and see what will happen next and when the project will be completed. If you need more information, the service includes your contact persons at Elenia and the contractor building your electricity connection.

Activating Elenia Aina

  1. Go to and register as a private user (service in Finnish)
  2. Log into the service using your email address and password (service in Finnish)
  3. Perform a strong identification using your online banking credentials or a mobile certificate
  4. Verify your details and go to Elenia Aina
  5. Everything is ready to go, and you can start monitoring your electricity consumption

Elenia Aina uses strong identification. Check if you have already re-registered for the service. You can find the registration instructions in Finnish below.

Free outage and maintenance break messaging service

Elenia Aina provides you with a free messaging service. You will receive a notification by SMS and, if you want, email of a power outage as well as an estimate of the repair time.  You will receive a new message once the electricity has been re-connected. The service is available within 24 h of the order.  The service will also send you a message about planned maintenance breaks in your access place. 

Start using Elenia Aina!

Manage your electricity matters whenever it suits you best. Easily and free of charge.