Moving house?

A young couple and moving boxes

Moving within Elenia’s network area

If you are moving, please get in touch with an electricity supplier to sign an electricity contract for your new home. Once you have signed the electricity contract, we will contact your electricity supplier for the information required to draw up an electricity network service contract. You do not need to specifically notify us of your move. We will notify you once the electricity network service contract has been completed.

You can compare electricity suppliers’ contracts on a website provided by the Energy Authority.

You will receive two separate invoices for electricity. Your supplier will send you an invoice for the sold electricity, whereas we will send you an invoice for the network service and electricity tax. Please note that your power will be cut if you do not have a valid electricity supply contract and a valid electricity network service contract.

If you move out of Elenia’s network area, please let us know. We will cancel your electricity network service contract and send you a final invoice. You can reach our customer service at 020 690 025 or

Mover’s check list

  • Notice of change of address
  • Remember to notify your building manager
  • Electricity contract
  • Home insurance
  • Cancel your old lease
  • Internet connection
  • Help with moving and booking a removal van
  • Required packaging materials and tools
  • Packing
  • Final cleaning
  • Action plan for the day of the move
  • Food supply for the day of the move
  • Hand over the keys of the old home
  • Successful start in the new home

Selling a property and transferring your electricity connection

The electricity connection is movable property, which is not automatically transferred to the new owner. The property’s bill of sale or deed of transfer must include a separate reference to the transfer of the electricity connection. Once you have signed an electricity supply contract for your property, submit a notice regarding the transfer of the electricity connection to us.

Transfer of the electricity connection using electronic signature

Electronic signature saves time and hassle. It is also safe, reliable and environmentally friendly.