Network service products and payments


Select the most suitable network service product

The price of electricity consists of three parts: the electricity network service fee, the price of the electric energy and tax. Each part makes up roughly a third of the total price. The allocations may slightly vary depending on the place where the electricity is consumed and the consumption. As an electricity network company, Elenia charges electricity tax and VAT and remits them to the state. The sales companies do not charge electricity tax.

The place where the electricity is used is the deciding factor with regard to the network company supplying electricity to the site. You cannot change network companies, i.e. you cannot shop around for the lowest network service rate. Because customers cannot shop around for network services, the Energy Authority supervises the network service prices to make sure that they are fair.

Select the network service product best suited to your home. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help with selecting the right product.

Parrakas nuori mies kuuntelee musiikkia korituolissa.

General transmission for those with a low electricity consumption

  • Our most popular network service product.
  • Usually used for blocks of flats, terraced houses, detached houses and holiday houses without electric heating.
  • The transmission charge is the same regardless of the time of day or year.
  • The most inexpensive product if the electricity consumption is below 10,000 kWh annually.
Keittiössä äiti ja kaksi lasta tiskaavat.

Night-time transmission for charging devices

  • Night-time transmission is suitable for detached houses and terraced houses where electricity is used at night.
  • Your electricity consumption is over 10,000 kWh per year.
  • For example, you have a hot-water tank that is heated during the night.
  • The transmission charge is lower at night.
Rannalla viltti ja tossut

Seasonal transmission for summertime use

  • Seasonal transmission suits you especially if you use electricity most in summertime.
  • You have the option to use alternative forms of heating in winter.
  • The transmission charge is lower during the entire summer season as well as at night and on Sundays in winter.

We use the contract terms recommended by Finnish Energy Industries. Click the link to read our network service and connection terms and conditions.

Electricity tax

Electricity tax includes the electricity excise duty and the security-of-supply charge and it is based on the Act on Excise Duty on Electricity and Certain Fuels (1260/96). As an electricity network company, Elenia charges the electricity tax on the electricity transmission invoice and remits it to the state.  Households belong in tax category 1, where the electricity tax is 2.79372 c/kWH (VAT 24%).