Solar power and small-scale electricity production

A man carrying a solar panel

Solar power ecologically

You can use solar panels to generate electricity for your personal use in an ecologically sound way. The electricity you produce can power your home’s electrical devices or heat your home. In that case, the maximum total capacity of your devices is 100 kVA.

Connect your solar panels safely to your electricity network

We need to know about electricity produced small-scale that is fed into Elenia’s network so that we can ensure the safety of the network in case of a fault. Please send us a notification if you want to connect your solar power equipment to our network. We will process your notification and confirm the permission to connect your equipment to the electricity network.

Solar panels can be connected to an existing electricity connection if the electricity network does not need to be reinforced. If the connection point does not have sufficient short-circuit current, the network needs to be reinforced. It is a good idea to ascertain this already at the planning stage with regard to 6.9 kVA small-scale production. In accordance with the industry guidelines, a protective device that detects the frequency’s rate of change may only be used for the protection of less than 50 kW power plants. If your production device is over 50 kW, please check with your device supplier.      

Below, is an example of filling in the small-scale production information form.  You need your Elenia customer number to fill in the form. You can find the customer number on your invoice.

Commissioning your solar panels

  1. Before purchase, check that the solar panel equipment can be connected to an electricity network.
  2. Get a qualified electrician to install the equipment.
  3. The electrician will write a commissioning inspection report. Keep the report.
  4. Fill in the small-scale production information form and send it to us.
  5. We will send you commissioning permission by SMS and a confirmation by mail.
  6. Select an electricity supplier if you want to sell any electricity that is left over.
  7. Commission your solar panel equipment.

Selling left-over electricity

If the system is connected to the electricity network, you can sell any excess electricity generated by your solar panels. You can feed your excess electricity to Elenia’s network and make a sales agreement with your supplier. We will send you a confirmation and the production access point ID. A good place to compare electricity suppliers is the Energy Authority’s website .

Netting of small-scale production

Netting means adding up the electricity taken from and fed into the network during the metering period. When electricity is purchased and produced at the same time, the amount of electricity produced directly reduces the amount of electricity purchased. Netting will only be carried out on sites with an electrical output of 100 kVA or less. Netting also requires that the property has both an electricity sales and purchase agreement with the electricity supplier. Elenia introduced netting to their customers at the beginning of 2023. As our customer, you can monitor the amount of electricity consumed through the Elenia Aina service.

An example of netting in practice

During one hour, 2 kWh of electricity is consumed, and at the same time a 4 kW solar panel system at full power produces 4 kWh. After netting, consumption for this hour is 0 kWh and production 2 kWh. During the next hour, heating the sauna increases the electricity consumption to 8 kWh, and because of rainy weather the electricity production is reduced to 0.5 kWh. After netting, consumption for this hour is 7.5 kWh and production 0 kWh.

Contract terms and price lists

Finnish Energy Industries guidelines 

Small-scale power plants whose rated output is a maximum of 100 kVA are not covered by electricity taxation.