Damaged electricity network

Boy with a flashlight

A power cut, equipment failure or a fault in your own electricity network

Storms, thunder, snow loads or small animals can cause power outages. Thanks to electricity network technology and 24-hour monitoring, we become quickly aware of extensive disruptions, shown on our outage map.

We are notified of individual incidents when a customer contacts us as a result of a power outage. We will act instantly to troubleshoot the issue and restore power as soon as possible. 

Occasionally, power cuts can occur due to a fault in the home or property network. In such a case, changing a fuse may help. Please get in touch if you are not sure if the fault has occurred in your network.

Elenia’s outage service, tel. 0800 100 100

Fault in the neutral conductor

Identifying a fault in the neutral conductor
A fault may occur in a damaged network when a neutral conductor is cut. In the worst-case scenario, voltages can rise from 230 V to 400 V. This may cause damage to electrical devices and result in a risk of an electric shock.

  • The home electricity network behaves strangely, for example, some lights may be brighter or dimmer than normal, especially when other electrical devices are turned on or off.
  • Electrical devices are behaving randomly or light bulbs break.
  • You receive a shock from a device with a metal casing.
  • You can hear cracks or pops from the switchboard and you may smell smoke.

What to do if you suspect a faulty neutral conductor

  • Cut off power from the main switch.
  • Avoid touching any metal parts of the switchboard as they may be energised.
  • Call Elenia’s outage management service immediately at 0800 100 100.

Let us know the location of the faulty electricity network

Do no touch trees that have fallen on a power line

To report a tree that has fallen on a power line or a low-hanging line, call 0800 100 100.

Working near the network

Keep at least 20 meters distance

A damaged electrical cable may remain or become live.

Get to know the electricity network

Call 0800 100 100 – the lines are open 24 h

Warn others and block access to the location of the fault.

Call 0800 100 100