Electrical safety at home

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Use and maintain your electrical devices carefully to ensure electrical safety at home

Make sure to use electricity in a safe way at home. Electricity is distributed from your power company’s electricity network via a connection cable to your home’s main distribution board, which comprises the electricity meter, main switch, fuses and protective equipment, such as the residual-current circuit breaker. You can use the main switch on the board to disconnect power from your entire home for electrical work or replacing a fuse.

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Use safe electrical devices

Only buy CE-certified electrical devices intended for use in the Finnish electricity network (230 V/50 HZ). Some of your home appliances, such as coffee makers and stoves, have an automatic current cutoff functionality. You can also plug an electrical device into a wall socket equipped with a timer. Install fire alarms in a sufficient number of rooms.  Check each month that each alarm’s batteries are charged and that the alarm works.

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Safeguard electrical equipment from children and pets

Unplug electrical devices from wall sockets when the devices are not used. Use covers on wall sockets and extension cords. Make sure that your stove includes a stove lock and protector. Keep electrical devices out of the reach of children and remember to consider pets that may bite an electric wire. Teach your children the safe use of the electrical devices in your home from an early age.

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Follow user instructions and maintenance instructions

Electricity is safe to use as long as you install and use electrical devices correctly. Most accidents are caused by a faulty or inadequately repaired device, carelessness or children playing. Safe use includes regular cleaning of home appliances, for example, vacuuming the back of the fridge or washing the grease filter of the extractor hood once a year.

Please get a professional to repair any faulty electrical devices because DIY repairs are not safe. Leave electrical work to the professionals. Minor electrical work can be performed by a consumer who knows how to perform it correctly and safely, for instance, installing a light fixture equipped with a screw terminal. A good place to look for reliable professionals is the “Löydä sähkömies” – Find an electrician – service.

Löydä sähkömies (service in Finnish)

Daily safety tips

  • Only use moisture-protected devices outdoors and in damp spaces.
  • Use an authorised maintenance company to repair faulty electrical equipment.
  • Do not leave home appliances on unsupervised and turn off the stove immediately after you have stopped cooking food.
  • Wipe dust off your electrical devices on a regular basis and ensure sufficient ventilation.
  • Make sure that you know where your home’s main switch, fuses and residual-current circuit breaker are located in case of faults.
  • Do not dry laundry on a sauna stove or electric heaters.
  • Keep a fire blanket within easy reach.