Sustainable Elenia

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Sustainability programme and report

Sustainability is in the heart of our strategy. The most important objectives are our customers' trust, effective operations, renewal of electricity market and climate change mitigation.
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Safety and well-being at work

We work diligently to ensure the safety of our employees and the employees of our partners. Our goal is for everyone to return home healthy every day.
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Customer experience and the quality of electricity network services

The satisfaction of our customers and the way they experience our service quality are a key theme of our sustainability programme. Customer feedback tells us how well we have succeeded in our task.
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Climate action and role as forerunner

Reliable electricity distribution is the main goal of our service and operations. This calls for continuous maintenance and replacement of the electricity network as well as safe and reliable information systems.
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Social impact

At the heart of our work is the continuous development of society and long-term cooperation with our part-ners, which strengthens local vitality, entrepreneurship and employment. We view sustainable operating prac-tices as a prerequisite for cooperation, and we do not compromise on them.
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