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About us

Elenia – electricity distribution and heating company

Elenia operates in more than one hundred local districts in Kanta-Häme and Päijät-Häme, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland and Ostrobothnia, supplying heating and electric power to homes and businesses.

Our approach involves providing services in close collaboration with our local business partners. This means that our customers enjoy a professional, flexible service, with more employment opportunities in our field. The services that we provide are core community functions that must respond to increasing expectations and demands from customers, various interest groups, and society as a whole.

We sum up our operating approach in a service charter called “We care. The charter ensures that it is easy to do business with us, as we care not only about electric power and heating, but also about smooth transactions on a daily basis.

Leading the field in smart electricity networks

A society that increasingly relies on information technology cannot tolerate power cuts. The storms and sustained heavy snowfalls of recent years have challenged the reliability of power distribution systems, underlining the urgency of ongoing work to modernise the ageing power grid. As a forerunner in smart electricity networks, we have integrated power distribution and data systems into a comprehensive smart electricity distribution grid that provides and applies information in real time.

Our customers already enjoy access to online details of their electricity consumption on a monthly, daily or even hourly basis as required, with invoicing based on consumption. In the event of power outages, our network automatically isolates fault locations, directing power distribution to parts of the grid that are functioning normally while customers benefit from real-time status updates via SMS, e-mail, an online map service and a telephone helpdesk.

To improve the reliability of power distribution, we are using underground lines in all new network construction and in work to renovate older sections of the existing power grid.

An environmentally friendly local heating provider

Our customers enjoy environmentally friendly, convenient and competitive heating solutions. We generate district heating and electric power, and we distribute and sell district heating and natural gas.

As a domestic company, Elenia appreciates the needs of its customers and develops energy solutions to meet them. We ensure reliable heating supplies to customers by maintaining and renovating our networks and generating facilities. We help customers to use energy in an intelligent and environmentally friendly way, and we continually enhance our operations by further increasing the proportion of Finnish fuels used in generating, and by improving energy efficiency. Our company collaborates in several districts with various industrial operators that feed their surplus energy into our district heating networks, thereby also improving their competitiveness and operating conditions.

Customers of Elenia are supplied with heating that is largely generated from carbon-neutral wood-based fuels. We also value the fact that using locally produced fuels helps to boost local employment