Certified management systems

Elenia’s operations are guided by certified management systems: asset management, occupational health and safety, environment and information security systems. They are a key element in our sustainability management.

Asset management ISO 55001

Our certified asset management system guides the development, construction, operation, maintenance and repairs of the electricity network. With the system, we ensure that we continuously operate, maintain and renew the electricity network to meet the needs of our customers and society even better. The certificate also requires that our suppliers and service providers commit to responsible operations in accordance with our practices.

Occupational health and safety ISO 45001

Our occupational health and safety system complies with the ISO 45001 standard. Our aim is for each employee and partner to have a safe, healthy and motivating environment to work in.

Environment ISO 14001

Our environmental management system complies with the ISO 14001 standard that aims to improve the management of environmental affairs and impact of environmental protection. One of the key tasks of the system is to prevent issues.

Information security ISO/IEC 27001

Our information security management system complies with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. The standard set requirements for the creation, deployment, maintenance and continuous development of the information security system. The requirements of the standard also emphasise the identification and management of risks and proactive internal audits.