Strategy and values

Elenia´s strategy infograph

Vision - Most responsible reformer of energy services and markets
Mission - Electrifying life

Strategic goals

Girl and dad cooking

We earn our customers' trust and approval

Man in work clothes in winter

We are the most efficient network and service company in the industry

Dad and girl on a field, windmills at the background

We promote the mitigation of climate change

Our Values

Elenia's core values are the cornerstone of our ethical and responsible operations. They provide guidelines for our day-to-day work at Elenia. Our core values are:

Responsibility for the future

Sustainability and acting as a forerunner guide our action. We take care of the security of supply and promote competitiveness of society by reconciling social, economic and environmental responsibility. Sustainable development, climate action and biodiversity are the basis of our operations. We strengthen safety and well-being. Skilled and healthy employees are our key to success. We value equality, flexible work and good work-life balance.

Close to the customer

Smooth service is close to our heart. We listen, learn and do what’s best for our customers. We are attentive and present when in contact with customers. We keep our promises. Our customer promises encapsulate our desire to provide quality service. We enable and enrich everyday life.

Open and reliable cooperation

We act transparently to strengthen confidence and trust. We value, respect and treat one another, our customers and our stakeholders equally. Our working community and partner cooperation provide a good environment to do our work. We believe in the power of cooperation.

Courage to renew

The courage to embrace change drives our choices and our work. Our solutions renew the energy sector and services. To develop our services and operations, we need information about and insight into the needs of our customers and society. Courage means openly asking when you do not know, constructively questioning things when you disagree, and responsibly correcting any mistake. Visions are reached collaboratively, as are results.
Elenia's strategy