Elenia and Sustainability 2022 report: The energy crisis has underscored the importance of the security of supply and clean energy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that began in February 2022 has fundamentally changed the security and energy environment. The energy crisis caused by the war shook societies, the energy sector and people’s everyday lives especially last year. The impacts of the crisis are also included in the recently published Elenia and Sustainability 2022 report.  

“The importance of the security of supply has risen to a new level: our most important task is to do our part to ensure smooth daily life. As a result of the energy crisis, we strengthened our contingency planning for electricity shortages, in case there was not enough electricity in Finland during the winter season. Fortunately, shortages could be avoided, thanks to the mild winter,” says CEO Tapani Liuhala.

In addition to being affected by the energy crisis, Elenia’s operations in 2022 were influenced by the exceptional changes made by the Energy Authority in autumn 2021 to the previously confirmed regulatory model, which disrupted the predictability of investment planning regarding the electricity network. These resulting investment cuts slow down the renewal of the ageing electricity network and the development of electricity network services.

These exceptional times further emphasise the importance of maintaining customer satisfaction and trust. In our electricity metering upgrade project for 2021–2025, new smart electricity meters are installed in our customers’ premises, opening up new opportunities for service development.

“Efficient smart grid solutions also ensure that society can reap the full benefits of the growth of solar and wind power and that the demand response solutions required by weather-dependent production can be implemented even more extensively in the future,” Liuhala points out. 

Climate action is an inseparable part of our sustainability. Elenia is committed to science-based climate targets as part of the Science Based Targets initiative. A significant target is Net Zero, meaning proceeding towards zero in Elenia’s own emissions by 2035. Our emission reduction roadmap guides our climate work carried out together with our partners.

“Our view is that a sustainable energy system will be based on electricity and the phasing out of fossil fuels,” says Liuhala. 

Elenia’s wide-ranging sustainability efforts are also reflected in the company’s excellent results in the international GRESB sustainability assessment of the infrastructure sector, for example.