SBTi commitment and emission reduction roadmap

SBTi commitment and emission reduction roadmapTCFD climate efforts

Elenia has been committed to science-based climate efforts in accordance with Science Based Targets initiative since 2021. Elenia has also created an emission reduction roadmap to pursue ambitious emission reductions in our own operations by 2030.

We have set targets for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of our operations in alignment with the Science Based Targets initiative and the Paris Climate Agreement. According to the target validated by the SBTi, Elenia will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 42 per cent by 2030, including Elenia’s own emissions and the emissions arising from purchased energy. Elenia has also set an even more ambitious target of reducing the emissions of its own operations by 75 per cent (Scope 1 and 2) by 2030, using 2020 as the baseline.

Elenia is also committed to setting Net Zero targets that cover not only the emissions from Elenia’s own operations but also the emissions generated by the entire value chain (Scope 1, 2 and 3). The Net Zero targets must be met by 2050, which means a reduction of approximately 90 per cent in emissions throughout our entire value chain.

These ambitious targets require a strong commitment to take action by both Elenia and our partners. We want to engage the commitment of our partners to climate action and sustainability, as the direction we are moving in is to set emission reduction targets for the entire supply chain. Cooperation with the partner network plays an important role in achieving the targets.

SBTi is a joint project between the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the UN Global Compact corporate sustainability initiative, the World Resources Institute and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Emission reduction roadmap guides the targets

To achieve the SBTi targets and Elenia’s own emission reduction targets, Elenia has created an emission reduction roadmap and allocated emission reduction measures that are material to the company’s operations until 2030.

The emission reduction targets for 2023 in accordance with the roadmap are as follows:

  • Competitive bidding for electricity purchased to cover network losses, with the aim of covering 25 per cent of the total volume of network losses with zero-CO2 electricity
  • Assessing maintenance measures for SF6 switchgear, developing the operating model, developing the reporting of SF6 leaks
  • Phasing out Elenia’s diesel vehicles
  • Assessing the acceptability of recycled materials in cables (recycled aluminium or plastic)
  • Assessing the emission reduction commitments of contracting partners and setting related targets

More information on our emission reduction roadmap is provided in our sustainability report on page 61.

Elenia’s Net Zero Business Plan 2020–2035 turns the targets into actions

Elenia’s Board of Directors approved the Net Zero Business Plan in December 2022. The plan is focused on Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions and the relevant emission reduction measures between now and 2035. The targets are in line with our SBTi commitment and our own Net Zero Elenia 2035 vision target, which covers Elenia’s emission reduction targets and their cost impacts.

Network losses: The aim is for the full volume of network losses to be covered by zero-CO2 electricity by 2035.

SF6 gas: The EU is in the process of setting tighter restrictions on the use of SF6 gas We are monitoring the regulatory developments, assessing alternatives and conducting tests on the potential use of SF6-free switchgear in future purchases. We will assess and develop the maintenance of SF6 switchgear in cooperation with our material supplier and partners, and developing the reporting of potential SF6 leaks.

Reserve capacity: A plan has been created for phasing out the remaining reserve power generators by 2040. We will develop the electricity network in a way that makes it possible to discontinue the use of fixed reserve power generators. We will replace fossil fuel with biofuel by 2025 for those reserve power generators that will remain in use longer.

Vehicles: Elenia will phase out diesel vehicles in 2023.