Preparing for electricity shortages

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Electricity must be continuously produced as much as it is consumed. Electricity shortage can occur if production and import doesn't cover the consumption. The electricity shortage situation can be managed by regionally rotating power outages of roughly two hours.

Electricity shortages in brief

  • In Finland, electricity shortages may occur during the coldest winter periods, for example.
  • The electricity shortage situation can be managed by regionally rotating power outages of roughly two hours.
  • During electricity shortages, home electricity is not the first to be cut off. Prior to regionally rotated power outages, demand flexibility will be introduced onto the energy market, for example.
  • There will be an attempt to maintain electricity supply to hospitals and other places of use that are critical for the functioning of society also during electricity shortages.
  • Nationally, the transmission system operator Fingrid leads the management of the electricity shortage situation. The distribution system operators operate under Fingrid’s management.
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How to get informed about power shortages?

  • The authorities and the transmission system operator Fingrid will notify about electricity shortages and risks thereof in advance, unless the situation occurs very suddenly.
  • We notify about power shortages on our website and social media channels. Where possible, we also use our disturbance communications service.
  • Easily activate the free SMS service in Elenia Aina -service.

Can the risk of an electricity shortage be reduced?

Everyone can influence the likelihood of electricity shortages by reducing their own electricity consumption. The risk of electricity shortages is reduced by the economical use of electricity, particularly when electricity consumption is at its peak. Such times include, in particular during the cold winter period, weekday mornings and afternoons. The greatest impact is on timing the heating of electric saunas and stoves, the charging of electric cars and the usage of various heating systems in the home so that they fall outside the peak hours of electricity consumption. You can monitor your electricity consumption via the Elenia Aina -service.

There is always the possibility of an electricity shortage reoccurring, so it is worth paying attention to the use of electricity even after the electricity shortage.

You can easily reduce your electricity consumption with simple actions. Read Elenia’s energy saving tips and learn about the national Down a degree -energy conservation campaign.

Further instructions on how to prepare for a power outage

Preparing for a power outage during electricity shortage

Planned and controlled rotating two-hour power outages can be prepared for in advance. The outages may reoccur if there are long cold periods in the winter. Things you should have at your house

  • battery-powered radio
  • cell phone power bank
  • batteries and battery-powered lamps and flashlights
  • firewood, if there is a fireplace in your house
  • drinking water and water in water containers
  • food that is easy to prepare without electricity
  • food for your pets
  • spare fuses
Further instructions on how to prepare for a power outage

What to do during and after a power outage

  • Leave a lamp on to see when the power outage ends.
  • Turn off any electrical appliances left on at the start of the power outage, such as electric cookers. This way, you can avoid power spikes and the risk of a fire once the electricity is restored.
  • Keep the windows and doors shut so that the temperature in the apartment does not drop.
  • Do not open the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Avoid water consumption. Close the taps of the dishwashers and washing machines to prevent water damage.
  • Note that lifts or electric locks will not work.
  • After a power outage, the water temperature may fluctuate, and the tap water may be exceptionally hot.
  • Follow our communications on Elenia’s website and on social media. There is no need to inform us of any controlled power outages.
  • There is no need to call emergency services due to controlled power outages.
  • If possible, we will also inform you of outages and their passing by SMS. Easily activate the free SMS service in Elenia Aina -service.
  • Electricity shortages and rotated power outages may recur, so it is worth paying attention to electricity usage even after the power outage.
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Elenia is prepared for electricity shortages

We operate according to a contingency plan that also covers contingency planning and responsibilities regarding electricity shortages. In our contingency planning, we cooperate with Fingrid and various societal organisations. We are always prepared to deal with power outages due to storms as well as electricity shortages.

We distribute electricity in an area that comprises more than 100 municipalities in Kanta-Häme, Päijät-Häme, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, South Ostrobothnia and North Ostrobothnia. We do not produce or sell electricity. In invoicing, the task of distribution system operators is to take care of the electricity tax to the state. Electrical energy is invoiced by the electricity sales company.