Power outage in a block of flats

If the outage in your home does not show on the map, check if it has occurred locally on the property.

Check the main fuses, group fuses and circuit breakers on the switchboard

  • Old plug fuses can sometimes seem OK even though they have already burned.
  • If the power was cut when you plugged in a device, check the condition of the device. Do not plug in a faulty device.

Check the fuses and change them as required.

Do the lights in the staircase work? Does the lift work?

  • If the power is cut only in parts of the building, the fault may lie in the main distribution board.
  • Contact the building manager who has access to the main distribution board.

Is the power cut in the neighbouring area?

  • If the power is cut in the whole neighbourhood, the problem is probably in the electricity network.
  • The network structures may have been damaged, for example, by a storm that has felled or torn out trees or a heavy snow load that has bent trees onto the power lines.