Changes to the electricity connection

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Do you want to make changes to your electricity connection?

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Increasing the capacity of the main fuse

If your electricity consumption increases, you may require a higher capacity electricity connection. Verify the need to increase your capacity with an electrical contractor who will also implement the changes to the main distribution board and connection cable. Increasing the capacity of the connection is subject to an additional connection contract and an additional connection charge. Normally, the additional connection charge is the difference between the connection charges of the old and new connections.

Switching to a three-phase connection

If you want to change your connection from a single-phase connection to a three-phase connection (3x25A), it is subject to a charge in accordance with the connection price list. In an area outside the zones, the charge for switching to a three-phase connection will be specified on a case-by-case basis.

Reducing the capacity of the main fuse

If your electricity consumption has been significantly reduced, you can reduce your fuse capacity. We will charge a service call fee for this. You must use the selected fuse for at least one year. Contact your electrical contractor in advance to make sure that the fuse capacity is adequate.

Connection maintenance

If your property does not require electricity but you want to maintain the capability for later use, you can transfer your connection to maintenance. We will cut the electricity distribution and remove the meter. This is subject to a service fee. After that, we will charge you a monthly maintenance fee. Should you wish to recommission the connection at some later point in time, your electrical contractor can order a meter installed and the connection to be reconnected. You must sign an electricity supply contract for the access place before ordering a meter installation, and your electrical contractor should perform a commissioning inspection and draw up a commissioning report before the reconnection.

Disconnecting your connection

If your property does not require electricity and there will be no need for it later on, you can cancel your connection. If you want to reconnect electricity to the access place later on, it will be subject to a connection charge. In connection with the cancellation of the connection, we will refund you the potential refundable part of the connection contract minus the cancellation costs.

Transferring the electricity connection to a new owner

If a detached house or holiday house changes owners, usually so does the electricity connection. The electricity connection is movable property, which is not automatically transferred to the new owner. The property’s bill of sale or deed of transfer must include a separate reference to the transfer of the electricity connection.

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Once you have signed an electricity supply contract with an electricity supplier, you can notify us of the transfer of the electricity connection using the form below (available in Finnish). Sign the form electronically using your online banking credentials.