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Order an electricity connection online

When building or renovating your house or summer cottage, you need electricity.

Check the price and place an order

By filling in the price calculator form below, you can request a quote on your connection and also book a telephone appointment with our connection sales team. Our connection team will contact you to confirm your order. The prices in the electricity connection price calculator are based on the zonal connection pricing.

Please order your connection well in advance!

Our connection services are currently receiving an exceptionally high number of contacts. As a result, our response times and connection delivery times have become longer. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the delay.

Electricity connection price calculator (in Finnish)

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The five steps of getting an electricity connection

  1. Select an electrical designer and contractor
  2. Check the price of your electricity connection using the price calculator (in Finnish) and place an order or request a quote
  3. Track the progress of your connection delivery using our tracking service in Elenia Aina -service (in Finnish)
  4. Sign an electricity contract
  5. Order a meter installation and electricity connection