Our promises to you

Infograph of Elenia's strategy

We care about your everyday life

We need electricity at all times in our lives. Our job is to deliver it to you safely and reliably, making sure that we provide you with good service at different stages of your life. Our customer promise is all about making sure that you are happy with our services.

We provide a smooth customer experience

  • Elenia Aina makes your life easier
  • We won’t keep you on hold
  • If you need to discuss your electricity connection, you can book a call time with us
  • We will keep you up to date on the construction of your electricity connection
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We conserve energy and the environment together

  • Avoid surprises with our Consumption Tracker
  • Fighting climate change by planting trees
  • Advice and services for small-scale energy production
  • Protecting the Finnish national bird, the whooper swan
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Piirroskuva asentajasta työmaalla

We provide the best service in the industry

  • Elenia Weatherproof comes with a satisfaction guarantee
  • We will automatically compensate you for extended power outages
  • We will root out the causes of brief power outages
  • Extra care for priority groups
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