Climate action and role as forerunner

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Climate actions need smart grid solutions

We promote the development of a sustainable society and way of life. Sustainable development and maintaining biodiversity are the foundation of our operations.

We work for a better tomorrow by using energy and materials efficiently and by reducing adverse climate and environmental impacts together with our partners. Our ambitious target is to reduce the emissions of our own operations by 75 per cent (Scope 1 and 2) by 2030, using 2020 as the baseline. A further target is net zero emissions for our entire value chain by 2050.

Our climate targets and emissions reduction roadmap guide the reduction of emissions in our operations, construction and procurement, as well as in service solutions for our customers. We have identified risks and opportunities related to climate change and incorporated them into our strategy work and risk management.

We also advance our environmental efforts regarding biodiversity. We promote the development of a sustainable society and way of life as a forerunner in the electric transition. To reap the full benefits of the growth of solar and wind power for society and people’s daily lives, the energy system needs smart grid solutions, and Elenia is an international forerunner in adopting these.

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Our vision target 2035

Net Zero Elenia

In our Sustainability Report's section Climate actions and role as forerunner you can read about our

  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • SBTi commitment
  • emission reduction targets and the roadmap
  • energy efficiency
  • biodiversity protection
  • environmental damage management and material efficiency
  • sustainable procurement and partner’ sustainability promises
  • demand response solutions
  • our new online services