Sustainability programme and reports

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Sustainability as a basis of our operations

Sustainability is an integral part of Elenia’s operations and services. It is also essential for our task of ensuring the smooth running of daily life in society. The main objectives of our strategy include earning our customers’ trust, ensuring efficient operations, renewing the electricity market, and the mitigation of climate change. These are the cornerstones of our sustainability programme, and they link it directly to our strategy.

In recent years, we have taken significant steps to further develop our approach to sustainability. Elenia’s sustainability programme guides our day-to-day work together with our business strategy. Elenia has scored five stars in the GRESB – Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark assessment for a six years in a row. We have committed to the climate targets based on scienctific facts in 2021. In 2023 we sharpened our sustainability programme and targets.

In 2024, we will prepare for the implementation of the EU's Sustainability Reporting Directive by developing skills and refining the organisation of our sustainability work.

Elenia's sustainability reports

Sustainability news

Sustainability principles and sustainability vision 2035

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Safety and well-being at work

Our work is safe. We support the well-being and professional development of our personnel. We are an equal working community. Our target is to be work injury free by 2035.
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Customer experience and the quality of electricity network services

We care for the smooth day-to-day lives of our customers by offering safe, high-quality and friendly service and by ensuring the reliability of electricity network services in all circumstances. Our target is to raise our trust and reputation -score to 3.5 by 2035.
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Climate action and role as forerunner

We promote the development of a sustainable society and way of life. Sustainable development and maintaining biodiversity are the foundation of our operations. Our target is Net Zero Elenia by 2035, in other words towards zero regarding Elenia's own emissions.
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Social impact

We create value for society. We promote the zero-carbon electrification of society. Our target is to match the amount of renewable energy fed into the network to the amount of electrical energy fed to customers by 2035.
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Elenia and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


To ensure affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Elenia builds a sustainable, smart and weatherproof electricity network for its customers and enables the connection of renewable energy to the network.

To promote sustainable economic growth for everyone, full and productive employment as well as decent jobs

Elenia looks after the well-being and occupational safety of its employees and partners and demands that its ethical principles be respected in all operations. Elenia provides local jobs.

To build a sustainable infrastructure and promote sustainable industry and innovations

Elenia procures sustainable materials and creates innovative solutions to promote the energy revolution.

To ensure safe and sustainable cities and residential communities

Elenia ensures the availability of energy and the continuity of operations in all circumstances.

To act urgently against climate change and its effects

Elenia enables the energy revolution by developing a smart electricity network and creating a foundation for the energy market. Elenia improves the efficiency of energy and material consumption and promotes the circular economy of the electricity network.

To promote the implementation of sustainable development and global partnerships

Elenia wields influence through customer-oriented and local-level stakeholder cooperation and requires that its partners comply with laws, agreements and terms of employment and commit to the principles of sustainability.

Elenia’s ethical principles and operating policies

Elenia’s operations are instructed by Elenia’s ethical principles and operating policies, which include HR, Occupational Health and Safety, Asset Management, Procurement, Information Security, Risk Management and Environmental Policy.

Sustainability contact persons

  • Jorma Myllymäki, Deputy CEO
  • Heini Kuusela-Opas, Chief Communications Officer
  • Sanni Harala, Unit Manager Customer and Stakeholder Relations