Safety and well-being at work

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Our work is safe. We support the well-being and professional development of our personnel. We are an equal and equal opportunities working community.

Elenia’s employees are highly competent professionals in their field, and we want to take care of them in our working community. Maintaining a healthy worklife balance is important. We create opportunities for professional growth. We work continuously to ensure our own safety and that of our partners.

Our objectives in 2022 included ensuring the smooth flow of work as the pandemic still continued and a new crisis broke out. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had an impact on work and coping with work as the security crisis has created unprecedented turmoil in the energy sector. It is important for us to focus on the well-being of our employees and maintain our ability to provide our customers with good services.

Safety is our goal in everything we do. Elenia has the second-largest electricity network in Finland. Work on our electricity network is outsourced to our contractor partners. We take safety perspectives into account in the development of our operations and electricity network services, monitor the safety of our operations and manage the development of our safety culture throughout service chain, which includes our contractor partners and subcontractors.

Our goal is that everyone can come home safe and sound every day.

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Our vision target 2035

Lost time injury frequency LTIF < 1

In our Sustainability Report's section Safety and well-being you can read about

  • equality in our company and our culture
  • job satisfaction and competence development
  • work ability management
  • continuous development of safety and safety culture
  • occupational health and safety system
  • safe working habits and site supervision activities