Social impact

Promoting the zerocarbon electrification of society

We create value for society. We promote the zero-carbon electrification of society.

We create value for society. We distribute electricity to 435,000 customers in approximately one hundred municipalities. We are present, as a reliable partner, in the daily lives of our customers, landowners, municipalities and other stakeholders.

We promote the zero-carbon electrification of society and we are committed to ambitious climate targets. We create jobs and well-being through our investments aimed at upgrading the ageing electricity network and facilitating the use of renewables.

At the heart of our work is the continuous development of society and long-term cooperation with our partners, which strengthens local vitality, entrepreneurship and employment. We view sustainable operating practices as a prerequisite for cooperation, and we do not compromise on them.

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Our vision target 2035

The amount of electricity fed to customers7.3 TWh and renewable energy fed into the network 7.3 TWh

In our Sustainability Report's section Social impact you can read about

  • Elenia's value creation
  • renewable energy in our network
  • our electricity scenarios
  • unexpected regulatory changes
  • installation of new smart meters
  • weatherproof network’s employment impact
  • Elenia’s tax footprint
  • stakeholder engagement