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Sustainability at our core

We take care of the electricity supply to homes, businesses and public services in our network area, every day, 24 hours a day. Our 2023 sustainability report is now available.

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Electrifying life




Elenia and Sustainability 2023 report: Towards the electric transition of the energy market

The energy market is undergoing a historic transformation with the goal of a carbon-neutral future for society. A…

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Elenia appeals to the Market Court to repeal the Energy Authority’s regulatory confirmation decision

The regulatory methods confirmed by the Energy Authority (EA) that came into force at the beginning of 2024 fundamentally undermine the operating conditions and investment cap...

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Elenia’s new CEO Jorma Myllymäki: “Electricity networks play a key role in the electric transition and security of supply” 

In the freezing winter temperatures, citizens have been encouraged to be flexible in their electricity consumption to prevent…

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Fingrid calls for electricity flexibility in very cold weather

The prolonged period of very severe frost across Finland continues to challenge the adequacy of electricity output. Fingrid…

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Changes to the opening hours of our customer service

Happy new year! The opening hours of our customer service have changed. Our customer service is open from…

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Excellent results for Elenia in an international sustainability assessment for the infrastructure sector

Elenia continues its strong and long-term efforts related to sustainable development and responsibility. Elenia participated in the international GRESB Infrastructure Assessme...

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Elenia’s set a target to reduce the emissions of its own operations by 75 per cent by 2030

Elenia has been committed to science-based climate efforts in accordance with Science Based Targets initiative since 2021. Our near and long term and our Net Zero -targets hav...

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Elenia and Sustainability 2022 report: The energy crisis has underscored the importance of the security of supply and clean energy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that began in February 2022 has fundamentally changed the security and energy environment. The…

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We care about your everyday life – Elenia offers flexibility to paying bills

We care for the smooth day-to-day lives of our customers by offering safe, high-quality and friendly service and by ensuring the reliability of electricity network services in...

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Elenia’s sustainable development and ESG impacts have been evaluated for five years – GRESB 2022 result excellent 96

Elenia continues to pursue sustainable development in the areas of environmental and social responsibility as well as with corporate governance. Elenia scored full five stars ...

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Elenia’s electricity network is now 60% weatherproof – more than EUR 1 billion in network investments over the past decade

Elenia’s 76,000-kilometre electricity network is now 60% weatherproof. Our investments in the weatherproof electricity network exceed EUR 1…

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Elenia and sustainability 2021 report: Elenia’s climate efforts are eligible and aligned with EU taxonomy

Elenia’s newly published sustainability report includes the company’s first EU taxonomy assessment. The EU taxonomy measures the extent…

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Elenia supports Ukraine and Ukrainian people

The plight of Ukrainian children and adults touches us all. To show our support for Ukraine and Ukrainians…

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Elenia’s appeal to the Market Court: The changes in regulation methods in the middle of the regulatory period are inconsistent with the legal principles of administration and the objectives of the development of distribution networks

The changes in the regulation methods of electricity distribution established by the Energy Authority in the middle of the 5th regulatory period for 2022–2023 contradict the l...

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Elenia is committed to the science-based international SBTi climate target

Elenia and five other Finnish companies aim for the Net Zero target

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Elenia cuts more than 40 million in next year’s network investments due to changes in the Energy Authority’s regulatory methods

Elenia´s contractor partners will lose construction projects A reduction of more than EUR 40 million in Elenia’s investments…

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Elenia’s sustainability was evaluated the fourth time – GRESB result 95

Elenia's GRESB 2021 result indicates that we are doing long-term sustainable development at Elenia. Elenia scored full five stars for the fourth consecutive year and reached a...

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Elenia to install next-generation smart meters for 400,000 customers 

The electricity network service company Elenia will replace the smart electricity meters of nearly 400,000 of its customers with next-generation smart electricity meters. An e...

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Elenia, in cooperation with 4H, coaches young people to care for priority groups during major power disruptions

Elenia has introduced a new service in which it provides extra care to its customers belonging to priority…

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Usage of energy storage systems is progressing as Elenia secures electricity distribution

Distribution system operator Elenia's project to utilize energy storages in order to secure electricity distribution is progressing. Elenia has chosen Finnish Merus Power as a...

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Elenia and sustainability 2020 report: Elenia promotes a functional and sustainable society

The importance of sustainability and responsibility is constantly growing in society. At Elenia, we make a strong contribution…

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Elenia´s sustainability work is rewarded – GRESB assessment with powerful result 96

Elenia’s GRESB 2020 result indicates that we are doing excellent and long-term sustainable development at Elenia. Elenia reached…

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Fortum and Elenia’s battery pack stores electricity for power outages and for maintaining electricity network balance

Fortum and Elenia commissioned in Kuru, Pirkanmaa, a battery pack they have created together. In normal conditions it…

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Elenia and sustainability 2019 -report has been published

Responsibility is the foundation of Elenia’s operations. In 2019, we revised our strategy in which sustainability has a…

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Elenia has been awarded on the highest level for workplace safety by the Zero Accident -forum

Elenia has been awarded with the highest category classification I – At the Top of the World, as…

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Elenia invests over 160 million into the security of supply of electricity distribution this year

Elenia’s investment programme to improve the security of supply of electricity distribution is progressing as planned. This year,…

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Useful information

Moving house?

If you are moving, please get in touch with an electricity supplier to sign an electricity contract for your new home. Once you have signed the electricity contract, we will contact your electricity supplier for the information required to draw up an electricity network service contract. We will notify you once the electricity network service contract has been completed.

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Planning excavation work?

Before you get started, make sure that there are no underground cables on the excavation route. Cables can get damaged during excavation work. Damage to the electricity network causes a safety hazard and a power outage. You can submit an excavation permit notice free of charge at www.kaivulupa.fi.

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Are you lacking electricity?

Check if the outage in your area shows on the outage map. If it does, we are already aware of it. Please wait for the power to be restored. If it doesn't, check the fuses and if needed, report the problem 0800 100 100.

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