The convenience of electronic invoices

Woman lying on the floor with a tablet

Switch to convenient e-invoice! E-invoice is an easy way to receive and pay invoices. You will receive the e-invoice in your online bank and pay it whenever and wherever you want, as long as you have an internet connection and online banking credentials. E-invoices are archived and stored in your online bank.

An e-invoice will not get lost in the post or under a stack of mail. All details are filled in in advance, so there is no fear of typos. You can change your payment account, due date or the amount.

You can make an agreement with your bank to pay part of the invoice automatically, in which case the invoiced amount will be charged from your account automatically on the due date. The easiest way is to make an e-invoice agreement while paying Elenia’s printed invoice online. You need the reference number on the printed invoice to request an e-invoice.