We care about your everyday life – Elenia offers flexibility to paying bills

We care for the smooth day-to-day lives of our customers by offering safe, high-quality and friendly service and by ensuring the reliability of electricity network services in all circumstances.

When energy prices are high, we want to offer our customers support for the smooth running of everyday life and flexibility to paying electricity transmission bills. As our customer, you can, if necessary, postpone the due date of your Elenia invoice interest-free up to 30 days from the original due date. We can also split your invoice into several instalments with an interest-free payment plan.

You can change the due date of your invoice by contacting our customer service. You can also use the Elenia Aina -service to conveniently change the due date. You can also use the Elenia Aina -service to monitor your consumption in euros or kWh per hour, day, week, month or year. That way, you will notice the peaks and dips in consumption. Also activate the free SMS service, which provides information on power and maintenance outages.

If you have selected e-invoicing, be sure to make the change in your online banking as well. The due date for direct payments cannot be postponed. The request for changing the due date must be made before the payment notice sent by our partner Ropo Capital. The payment notice will be sent after the due date of the unpaid invoice. We will not charge any interest if the due date has been postponed on time.

Read more about invoicing here.

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